Happy electric tsunami morning all on the east coast:

Early descriptions of this week’s blackout beginnings had electricity – huge surges of electricity – bouncing all around the grid, something like the rat going through the snake. Anyway, our little, dirty coal burning Power Company kept on chugging. This was good since we had power to watch our fellow Ohioans up north and Michigan cousins sit around in the dark – but then, we had always known that they sat around in the dark.

We have just had it muggy, or soggy, or whatever term you want to give it. “How muggy is it Dirk” you ask? Actually I don’t have a clue, just that all this stuff builds up and then waits till you leave either the car sunroof or windows open, then it dumps it all in a twenty minute stretch. This it has been doing on a daily basis. Whoever is behind this “dumping” is vicious. My flight this week into Washington was changed from a regional jet to a little turbo-prop. I know that this was done on purpose by unknown government officials. Here is why, since you actually fly through all this soupy weather rather than over it by using a propeller plane it keeps everything stirred up thereby preventing another incidence of rain “dumping” on already rain-soaked towns below. Clever plan is it not?.

Last weekend I felt it high time to change the oil in Marcia’s diesel. A quick trip to the auto parts store and I was in business. I amazed myself with the smooth progress of my effort. After a bit, it was the well known “gentlemen start your engines” command, oil pressure built properly and held, and I took it for a quick spin around the block. All was perfection. I pulled the car back into the garage and turned the key off. Here came the first hint that all was not as it should be, the car kept on running and running (hence the term “dieseling”). By now there were enough evening shadows to really make it difficult to see which vacuum line I had pulled loose. This made for another quick morning project the next day. See how easy it is to keep yourself busy with weekend projects.

Cathy and Jason proudly announced that Marin is now over 10 pounds and over 22 inches. Adrianne got some grant monies and is smiling from ear to ear. I think I have finally gotten rid of a large nest of Yellow jackets under one of the pillars on the front porch. Meanwhile Marcia has become much like Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth as I catch her in her continuous and ritualistic washings of the muck from her rubber boots, mumbling something like “off damn mud, off I say”.

Have a great week and Joel and George – be sure to click on the “Week’s Best” button.



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