Morning all:

Anyone have an eventful week? Could you please share it? At this end it was a bit of the summer August “dog days” without the heat – just some more rain. The rain bit is great for Marcia who just keeps on mucking around planting more, hundreds and hundreds more, Pachysandra plants. From previous ramblings, and this one, you must by now have the idea that we are being overrun by Pachysandra. Wrong! In actuality she has barely scraped the surface.

Not to have it appear that this note is a long bathos list, just let me recount yesterday. I had business in northern Indiana – Elkhart to be exact. For those sitting around with a map, there is really no good fast way to get from Elkhart to Cincinnati. Therefore I ended up taking country roads. Whenever leaving another one of the dozens of small towns I just knew I was on the right track because all I had to do was follow the parade of Illinois licensed, 40 foot long, RV’s. All of these were with great names such as Argosy, or Azure, and driven by someone probably named Enis accompanied by a lovely Q-tipped navigator named Maude. Probably super folk who just happened to be spending their whole summer driving around Indiana as if it were one huge, cornfield defined, labyrinth. At the start I played the role of being one of them (RV driver that is) and patiently allowed myself to be herded along. By three o’clock I had the gloves on, my Emerson Fittipaldi persona had emerged, and my little Acura-TSX transformed into a Formula 1 machine as I jammed around in all six gears. I did pull over at one point and stared at an absolutely perfect, double no less, rainbow – it was truly one of those “stop and smell the roses” moments.

In the bragging department, I replaced the ceramic soap dish in the front shower. It somehow fell out and shattered a couple of months ago. Since the fix can’t be spotted I am rightfully proud. Marcia got a great deal on a flight to Orlando for the 19th and she’ll be there for a bit. What are Oma’s for huh?

Have a great week.



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