Saturday/Sunday update from the City of Angels:

Four miles at the crack of dawn, waves hitting the shore and the pier jutting out barely visible through the early fog – the very best of walks. This followed an evening where we all split our ribs with laughter. Pieter had reserved tickets at the Comedy & Magic Club down the road. The headliner was Kevin Nealon of Saturday Night Live. Partway through the evening an unannounced Gary Shandling jumped onstage to test some of his material for tonight’s intro MC duties at the Emmys. The drive home was amazingly difficult since we were still all in absolute stitches with laughter. One of his lines was a comment on the announcement that David Letterman is having a child. He felt it much easier to go through one of the agencies and get a child from Taiwan for 39 cents a day. However, when he decided to take the plunge the price had gone up to 44 cents so he bagged it since, ‘who knows where these costs would stop’. This was right after announcing that he was much more attracted to flatter chested ladies since they were much easier to meet – much quicker to download! As you can see, Marcia really did get into the theme of the evening, isn’t that really obvious with this picture?

Today it was driving the wonderful coastline of Palos Verdes. We tried to get a gondola ride through the canals of Naples, toured several million-dollar houses the size of postage stamps on this little island. Now we are getting ready to boil a couple of large bags of clams and mussels, the accompanying loaf of uncut sourdough bread is already sitting next to a couple of bottles of wine. On that note, have a great evening; it really doesn’t get any better. If you are jealous, I want you to know that there is no Pacific Ocean sunset this evening since fog is rolling back in – so not all is perfection.



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