Good morning all:

Actually Marcia and I just got back from dinner and a lovely bit of a street-corner live band concert – a little Hendrix and Santana done by some very talented street performers. Our stay in San Francisco is just about finished and since we have an eight AM flight I thought I’d post this evening. At least I just finished a very nice cup of cappuccino. This was the finish of a great meal – veal for Marcia and tuna tartar for me.

I am really looking forward to this weekend since we’ll be spending it with Pieter & Jeanne at their Redondo beachside condominium. Actually I am really looking forward to the whole week. The first is a long weekend doing and sharing some good times with family. Then Marcia gets her dose of beach time while I crisscross Los Angeles looking for business opportunities. At the very end, next Saturday, we’ll spend our anniversary with Art, Jolene, and their kids before we head home. I hope that the background music is appropriate for all this Saturday activity.

We’ve had a great week meeting people and getting in a bit of sight seeing to boot. Now Marcia is begging me to finish this so that I can still pack. She seems to feel that by preference for packing right before we leave at five AM is absolutely unnecessary. My feeling is that it just works better that way. Having said that I’ll think amd pack while I have the chance.

Have a great week.



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