Testing….test, one…..Tap….Tap.…Is anyone there?

Thanks, sorry I am a bit late this morning and thought that everyone had left. We were out of coffee and I had to grind some more to make a pot. This meant that it took a little more time just to get started. Anyway, it’s ready and so am I.

This week I spent a few days in the Boston area flying back on the evening of the 11th. What surprised me was how normal both the movement through the terminal as well as the flight itself has become since that day two years ago. Then, traveling a week or so after the 11th had me going through near empty terminals and miserable security procedures. Quite the difference, but I guess in part due to the fact that we have gotten used to the increased security. Driving through both New Hampshire and Massachusetts got me to listen to a few of the Boston radio stations. There the whole day was the broadcasting of various snippets of a number of memorial services. And indeed, September 11, 2001 is an event that will fade into history, but just not yet, it is way too soon. Have a quiet listen to the song of hope I have attached as this week’s background music.

For those who I have not talked with this week let me give a quick update on the benefit concert I went to last week Saturday – WOW. Singer after singer from six o’clock till shortly after ten with just one fifteen minute intermission. It really can’t get any better than that. I think that those who didn’t want to go with me have been kicking themselves all week.

From Florida I love the stream of photos, keep them coming. Both Kirstin and Vince have fixed their travel plans and they’ll be here for almost a week. Derek is working on his standing techniques. Adrianne informed the Peace Corps that she would like an assignment in the Caribbean (actually one of her choices). If the Peace Corps is really government then I think she should brace herself for a couple of years in a place such as Kurdistan or name anywhere else where there exists a ten month winter since that is where she’ll end up. By the way, she, the only ‘gringo’ on her mixed league indoor soccer team, scored two goals this week. They finished with a tie game. Way to go kid. Marin is growing like a weed and feels that the best way to achieve this is by sleeping twenty hours a day. Marcia and I will be off to the West Coast on Tuesday and next weekend will be with Pieter and Jeanne at their condo, nice huh? Also on the Marcia front it is: Pachysandra 1 – Marcia’s back 0. Planting Pachysandra number 7839 did her back in and now it is a steady diet of Advil. On top of that she had her annual brush with Poison Ivy so it is the application of every form of Benedryl that we hope will soon take hold and provide relief. Of course all of this is just ahead of our travel.

Ok, that was too serious a ramble. Now it’s a couple of miles through the neighborhood, then off the Findley Market for veggies. For lunch Marcia and I will head for the annual local Hispanic/Latino festival – they have great food.

Have a great week.



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