Good evening:

From my hotel room sipping a small Café Zinha, coffee thick as molasses – I love this stuff. The fine time we all had last weekend at Tall Stacks is still very fresh, and the little smiles and hugs from Marin and Derek not to be forgotten. However, the ‘piece de resistance’ was the dinner cruise on the Colonel. Especially the after-dinner antics performed by “no-lap” George. For a real blow-by-blow description see Kirstin and Vince’s blog, especially the comment section.

This week has been busy with travel etc. I did learn a lesson on the importance of small, seemingly insignificant, language differences. As a change of pace I went to eat Mediterranean food here in South-East Brazil (possibly a mistake?). One of the dishes I really enjoy is “Kibe” which is much like what I fondly remember from childhood – Croquettes. Shaped differently from croquettes – something like a very large pointy goose egg, but just as good. At the restaurant, there, jumping out from the menu were the words “Kibe Cru”. This immediately became the focal point for my dinner. As it arrived at the table I realized the significance of the three letters “C.R.U.”. Sitting in front of me was one very large blob of very raw lamb and beef mixed with grains, seeds, and grasses. Three AM came and no stomach issues – that was the great news.

From the home front only good news, always pleasant when there is a substantial distance. Saturday it’s a jump over to Santiago and then homeward bound at midnight on Tuesday. All the activity last weekend make this trip feel as if it’s been a long one this time, so getting back will be good.

During the week I made a one day trip to the very south of Brazil, very close to the land of the Tango, but not quite. The background music for the week is from Shakira, a Tango, but not quite. I thought it appropriate.

Have a great weekend.



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