Hi all:

Home, and finally there is an opportunity to post a few of the visuals from this trip. First of all, how did I get to transport seven people and luggage from the airport to a hotel 40 miles away? In merry England it is absolutely no problem – my taxi had the right solution.

In front of the symphony hall was a major public square and a spectacular Ferris wheel. Behind the same building flowed the Birmingham canal , which can be traveled for hundreds of miles on canal boats, rentable by the week for a leisurely 4 mph vacation .

Of course the typical shopping arcade and a spectacularly large billboard on an adjacent square complete with a Merry-Go-Round .

One last bit. For the first time I had a daytime return flight and a window seat on a clear day. I am still amazed just how stunning the craggy islands of northern Scotland look, the dazzling views of the fiords and the glaciers of Greenland and the vast snow covered forests of Labrador Canada. It was a beautiful way to get a stiff neck as I craned for better and better views.

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