Good Morning:

From the home where dog sitting has become a specialty, and I must add – something highly sought after. My Love Box Company mug is brimming with a fresh brew so it truly is a “good morning”. Anyway, for the weekend we have Pegasi with us. This is so that Cathy, Jason and Marin can visit great-grandma in Michigan. I can’t wait to find out how five hours in a car with the little guy strapped into his car seat went. Knowing them it probably went off perfectly fine.

The great weather lasted until I came home yesterday, now I am certain that the “weather historians” will pick up their patter where they left off last year and start discussing a “wintry mix” – whatever that is. But, prior to and for most of the week Marcia put her newly discovered Pachysandra planting experience to good use, only now planting many dozens of Dutch bulbs. It seems as if Sam’s Club had beaten the Dutch growers way down in price and were now busily passing on the savings – Marcia could not resist. Then also, it was container after container of fallen leaves that were removed and taken to our “secret” composting place in the back yard – she does love her gardening.

Me, I left for Toronto where I experienced it all; wind, cold, rain, fog, and even ice on the windshield. I love “boutique” hotels since they offer a nice change of pace, such as the one last year where we stayed for Lori’s wedding in Portland, Oregon. The place I stayed at this week was no boutique, the Renaissance Skydome, but came close since it sure was novel as my room window looked out into the dome itself . When I arrived the Toronto Argonauts football team had just finished playing and I realized I was now paying premium dollars to watch the massive cleanup taking place. Monday I saw a major transformation as the venue was being subdivided and a large stage set up. I asked the front desk folk what was scheduled to appear? “Barney” I was told. What is this thing with Barney? Two weeks ago it was staged next door to my hotel in Santiago, now here, where next? Do these folk have a copy of my itinerary? Anyway, I digress. The reason that my Skydome view became a problem is that I had no clue as to the weather each morning. Not until I got downstairs for breakfast or could cajole a maid to open a room across the hallway could I see daylight.

I am not sure of connectivity for next weekend’s post since I am scheduled to be at something called the Angel Menzies Hotel, Market Harborough, which is a little remote place in the midlands of Britain. Talk about boutique hotels. I can’t wait to see this old place.

This evening right after sunset there will be a very nice Lunar eclipse, The weather and timing is especially fine for those of us living in the midwest. Enjoy!

Have a great week and be safe.



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