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Everyone had a happy Halloween? We had between 50 and 70 trick-or-treaters and this was an unusually low number, especially since the weather was great. Last year we had around 200. Marcia dressed as a Cincinnati School Board member and managed to destroy many a kid’s bubble. She explained to each that she had a prize to give out for the best costume, but hadn’t spotted it yet. Ouch! I think that she was saving it for this little costumed guy.

The perfect little family across the street had smoke coming from the bushes, strobe lights, and a ‘chain rattling’ speaker system cranking away. Our lit pumpkins looked good though.

What an amazing world we live in. Too often we just go about our business and stop it at that. This week I took note that about midnight on Wednesday morning my flight left Guarulhos airport in Brazil and Thursday evening I was enjoying a concert in Cincinnati’s Music Hall. One hundred years ago that would have been impossible to even dream about, now it’s commonplace and ho-hum.

The concert was wonderful. Cincinnati gained a new Maestro a couple of years ago and the symphony is back to world-class status. There was a lot of hype when Paavo Jarvi came on the scene and many times that is all it is, hype. Here the improvement in the orchestra exceeded the hype. Mozart’s Concerto Number 22 in E-Flat Major and Sibelius’ Symphony Number 2 in D Major Opus 43 were the two main pieces. However, they also played a new composition by a young new breed of classical composer – Charles Coleman – called Streetscape. If you get a chance to hear it do so. It’s wonderful.

Fall brings in that lovely change in weather as well as little critters who also seek comfort and warmth. Without naming individuals and their homes – I have been sworn to secrecy, here is the complete list of new animal life (some recently deceased) spotted in houses this past week: mice, cockroach, rat, and snake. Question, what exactly distinguishes pet from ‘critter’? Of course Marcia received every one of the “Mommm” calls. Toronto is on my agenda next week – cold and rain await. The kids are fine, and as of midnight Marcia resigned from the School Board.

Attached, for the final week, is the Cincinnati Enquirer’s wrap-up of Tall Stacks. Those who made it down and want to make a copy, click on the boat icon and have a look. Now that Fall is here, the ‘Week’s Best’ button links to a description as to how Football should be played by the old rules – a 3-mile playing field? Be sure to read the rules.

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