Morning all:

Ditto on the start from last Saturday, same lateness and less than enthusiastic “kick start” to the day. No excuse though. Plenty of sleep, stock market doing well, shopping complete; therefore it must be related to the winter solstice or something such as that. Anyway, my mug of fresh brewed and fresh ground coffee at my side – I am more than ready. So, again, GOOD MORNING ALL!

Before anything else, I want to extend a happy Hanukkah to Cathy, Jason and Marin. Don’t let the little guy play with a dradle yet; he’s a little too young.

The party last weekend was fabulous. Great meals and wonderful conversation all throughout the evening and continued Sunday over brunch. The city lights were everything I had hoped they would be with the added bonus of a few snow flurries. Our Fountain Square, in the very heart of the city, had a small outdoor ice-skating rink. Not quite the scope of New York City’s Rockefeller Square, but hey, we got the idea. Our hotel also housed the San Francisco 49ers, as well as, singers Amy Grant and Vince Gill who either played or tried to play (49ers got beat soundly by our Bengals) the same weekend. And yes, Marcia and I did take a very cold horse carriage ride through the downtown area, followed by a ghostly horse carriage from ages past.

Yesterday I had a white elephant gift exchange. I am now the lucky recipient of about five years worth of various hot sauces. I can do this stuff mind you, but enough is enough. White elephant exchange anyone? I have just the right gift – already packed.

This year we did get all of our Christmas greeting cards out, and on time no less. In case your card, for Marcia and I did send you one, got lost in the U.S. Postal Service, here’s a heartfelt Merry Christmas.

Have a wonderful week and a blessed day with family and friends. Whether we’ll actually be with you or not, you’ll definitely be in our hearts. Traveling? As I have always told our kids, “drive carefully, it’s a jungle out there.”



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