Morning all:

I have been home all week on vacation – Marcia is desperate. Something about being “underfoot”, she says. Of course I have no clue as to what she is talking about. My life has continued on the same little predictable path as when I am home and not traveling. I still make the morning coffee, just as always. I still moan and groan over television shows she watches in the evening, just as always. Oh well, Monday this fine time will be history as I head off for work again.

Yesterday Marcia climbed on to life’s next plateau as she celebrated one of those milestone birthdays. You know, the kind of birthday that has a zero on the trailing end. Originally I had planned a series of gag gifts, i.e. a walker, or arthritis salve, or something such as that. Then it crossed my mind that we’d make a day trip out of it and visit a series of retirement villages with a nice lunch in between – possibly at one of these places to really test their capabilities – she does love to travel. In the end it got a bit more boring as I settled on the replacement of our old living room and family room furniture. She did the selection and since this is something she has wanted for a long time, is absolutely thrilled. In retrospect I think that the furniture thing went over better than my ‘day-trip’ plans would have. Yesterday, we watched as very ceremonially, the worst of two couches was properly chewed up and then disappeared into the hopper of the garbage truck.

Last night all the local Pastoor clan took her out for a memorable dinner. We are fortunate to live where we do since there are such a wide variety of wonderful eateries. We ended up at Sturkey’s where husband and wife are the owners-chefs. The wife is a world-class pastry chef and some of the gang ended up eating a piece of cake that won USA-Today’s ‘Best in the Nation’ award last year. Others in our group had a bit more sense. No names please. Marin sat in a high chair for the first time and thought he was big stuff as he was a perfect addition to our group over a meal that went from 7:30 till a little after 10:00; sorry about the chewed up menu Sturkey’s.

Have a great week.



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