Morning All:

This is quite the week. Yesterday was ‘King Friday The Thirteenth’ day – thanks to the late Mr. Fred Rogers. And then today it’s a huge Happy Valentine’s day to all of you. I’d been traveling and made it on an earlier flight home last evening. Kind of nice, since I could just walk into the front door, grab Marcia, and take her straight to a little Hyde Park eatery for dinner. Watching people around us I realized that Valentine Day seems to have a couples focus. So here is a suggestion, all you who became new dads this year do something special for those new moms in your lives. A little recognition for months of sleepless nights might be a good thing.

Now if you are completely void of Valentine Day gift ideas, here is a wonderful suggestion that will be sure to be received ‘mas bueno’ in the appreciation department. Take hold of your beloved and head over to catch a little of tomorrow’s Daytona 500 NASCAR race. Call me if you need details on ‘rules of the road’ or even on the more esoteric aspects of the race, such as; ‘what direction the cars need to run’ (all need to go in the same direction and make many thousands of left turns – remember only left turns). On the way home I read USA Today and it had a special race section so I have become absolutely expert.

Talking about the trip home. I managed to get my favorite seat on Delta’s 737 equipment. I negotiated to get the Emergency Row window seat – row 16; this seat has NO seat in front of you. The ultimate in legroom. Before takeoff the head Cabin Attendant came by to ask whether or not we were willing to perform any required ‘emergency’ duties. With solemn faces we all nodded positively. Next we were asked the more critical question; “have you read and understand how to perform those emergency duties?” Since I had the escape window seat, and since I had a ‘novice flier’ young lady sitting next to me in the middle seat, I felt it my duty to provide the answer. I smiled and replied; “when asked, remove the hatch, throw it out onto the wing, and get my A** outa here – and you do not want me to practice the maneuver during taxiing.” Out of the corner of my eye I could just see the gal next to me drop her jaw.

Have a great week.



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