Morning all:

As the saying goes, “a day late and a …….”. Yesterday, at about the time I would normally be writing I was on a 19-minute flight from home to Dayton, all to retrieve my car as it was nicely parked at that airport. This week’s travel had me on six flights, five of which I had to be either re-booked, re-scheduled, or ending up being re-routed by switching airlines altogether; hence the early morning car retrieval event. I know that there is a reason I only do carry-on – it’s called survival.

At least I made it home on Friday; in time to watch the final ten minutes of Xavier’s amazing win over Louisville in the first round of the NCAA tournament. In case you did not see the game, they clawed back from a 14-point deficit to an 80 – 70 win during the back half of the second period.

I spent a bit of time in the ‘pitiful’ section of LaGuardia airport. There is a newer side for the Shuttle flights but I hung about the old and decrepit area. How come I never have the luck to explore more innovative places? Only a few miles from LaGuardia in a place such as Kennedy Airport is true innovation. At Kennedy they have invited the Dutch to design and install cutting-edge innovative artful technology.

Yesterday Marcia babysat little Marin. Once Adrianne and I joined forces with Marcia we put our ‘power rings’ together and became an invincible force; handily enabling us to easily baby-sit the little guy against the evil forces of ‘crying’, ‘sleep deprivation’, and ‘lack of momma’. Four hours later we all dragged our tired bodies home. We do love the little guy and he is so cute – especially when he sees his mom and breaks out into the biggest smile you ever saw. Yesterday was a good reminder that I do need to visit with little Derek before I miss more of his adventures.

Finally, Spring is here! All the early Spring blooms are out providing wonderful patches of color on brown grass. I would not be surprised if our Forsythia bush did not turn into a sea of bright yellow this week. What this means for me is quite simple. I will be spending a better part of the day organizing last year’s taxes. This is an annual ritual that I procrastinate with on a yearly basis – quite successfully I might add. However, there comes a time when duty does indeed call. So, off to the calculator, spreadsheets, and forms – as the old Motown song’s refrain goes; “I will survive”.

Have a great week.



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