Morning all:

Last weekend it was seventy degrees outside; this morning it’s twenty degrees. Cincinnati normally sits almost underneath where the prevailing west to east Jet Stream flows and depending whether it moves slightly north or south of us creates major changes in our temperature. All of this makes for lovely ‘roller coaster’ winter weather, and makes us a hotbed for testing any type of new cold medicine. There really is a reason Procter & Gamble is headquartered in our town. Having said all of that, I better warm up my mug of coffee.

Temperature notwithstanding this place is caught up in the throes of March Madness. Both our NCAA teams have had good seasons and are in the tournament finals. Little Xavier University next door, unranked, is a giant killer. This week caused 1st ranked St. Joseph their first defeat in 27 games – winning 67-47. Down the road sits University of Cincinnati, home to alums Jason, Cathy, and Adrianne. The Bearcats, ranked number thirteen, blew by U of Louisville (my Alma Mater) and St. Louis to get a championship shot at De Paul tonight. Both UC and Xavier are almost guaranteed a berth in the NCAA Division I final 64.

Talking about our town, most of you who have spent time here know our place as a bit of a sleepy river town. In fact, Mark Twain once said that when the end of the world came he would want to be in Cincinnati since he’d have another two years before the effects of the event would be felt.


This week Cincinnati placed 7th on the new Esquire Magazine list of the nations top ten “Rockin’ Cities”; even ahead of San Francisco which came in at number ten. The town, aside from a wide array of venues has quite a music undercurrent dating back to being a major recording and entertainment capitol between the thirties and the fifties. Being a train town we became a ’must do’ stop for any name entertainer of that era traveling between the coasts. Everything from Symphony, Pops (more recordings than the Boston Pops), Jazz, Folk, Blue Grass, Country, and Rock makes up the music scene.

I know that Mel Gibson has been making the news for the past few weeks. But even with all that hype and press I happened to spot a small review written by my third or fourth, possibly even fifth cousin – Ebert Pastoor. It would appear that there is a new ‘hot’ movie making the rounds in select locations. The review was a two-thumbs up, gushing with accolades, piece describing a magnificent performance by a small band of heretofore unknowns. Critically acclaimed, look for the title “Derek’s First Steps” playing near you – it is a must see!

Have a great week.

Erin go Bragh,


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