Morning all:

Yesterday I spotted my first patch of yellow crocuses, what a lovely sight after a long winter. Couple that with this morning’s steaming fresh ground coffee and some very good news yesterday and no one can help but be on top of the world.

These last days I’ve once again watched and reflected on how fragile and precious life is. And how families and friends, with a spirit of love and togetherness, united in thoughts and prayers, do make a difference. For two weeks we have been pulled into the tumultuous lives of friends of Marcia’s sister and brother in-law – Donn and Marlene. While on a joint vacation in Mexico the friend’s 14 year old playing in a charity basketball game back home collapsed. For two weeks he’s been in a coma with the final outcome still an uncertainty. Then this week brother Pieter called that their daughter Lori, pregnant only six months, had been hospitalized and that for their survival the baby would have to be delivered. While Lori’s own body was struggling desperately, last night she delivered a remarkably healthy 2 pound 5 ounce daughter.

For both families I firmly believe that the envelope of care and concern created by family and friends, both near and far, creates a magnificent strength. A world where, wrapped into these many arms of love and prayer, they are given the ability to bear their struggles, and eventually emerge whole. If you find it within yourself to expand this envelope of embrace and the chain of prayer just click here and register. Key in ‘Kylemoreland’ when prompted.

Congratulations to Lori and Jason Pastoor-Price on being new parents as we welcome (very) little Oakley Frost into the family. Also congratulations to the new Opa Pieter and Oma Jeanne, you’ll love your new roles. Maybe its only right that after having two heavyweights as the first of the next generation of our families that the third to join enters as a flyweight.

While being just a bit reflective I can’t help but think on how nature keeps things in balance. This week Cincinnati lost one of its most colorful characters of recent generations. Marge Schott, former owner of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team passed away. In life she was a chain smoking, cheap-vodka drinking, politically incorrect, crusty personality. As an aside, what is little known is that years ago she was the first woman to fight General Motors over a policy against female car dealership ownership, and win. Upon Marge’s passing, the very next day it was reported that Jerry Springer was moving back to town returning from Chicago. See, create a void and nature immediately fills it. In Marge’s case she left $200 million for various children’s causes, Jerry I hope that when it’s all over we’ll also see your better side.

Last month was black history month. Leaving our local Kroger store there happened to be a rag-tag drum corps made up of neighborhood kids playing as part of the celebration. Young kids who were very serious about their business, this was just good to see. Now if you knew how much of a sucker I am for any kind of band then you wouldn’t question the picture .

These are enough ramblings for one week and we’ll start up again a week from now. Have a great week as you get ready for St. Patties day.



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