Morning all:

Hello from the California Desert area of Palm Desert. I am pretending that I am being held hostage here: as long as the rains keep falling back home, day after day. I can do the ninety degrees with sunshine weather and look at my desktop “WeatherBug” icon showing the daily dousing of rain and thundershowers back home.

I just finished brewing my little four-cup in-room batch of something called “Superior” coffee. It’s got to be good since the package advertises that this is a ‘Central American Blend’ over top of a picture of an American eagle – so there you go, patriotic with an offshore flair.

Today will be another first for me. It’s my nephew’s birthday and Art and Jolene have invited me to join them and the kids at a regional Renaissance Fair. Or should that be ‘Faire’? I was told that this one comes complete with a variety of unwashed Knights, and tons of bosomy wenches selling 3-pound turkey drum sticks. I am hoping that they have the good sense to fill the desert soil with many thousands of gallons of water to create a proper renaissance era British village complete with muck filled streets.

For those who keep on asking, Adrianne still has heard nothing from the Peace Corps. She is on pins and needles as she is struggling to plan her summer. She is actually losing weight racing home to her mailbox each day. Jason had a non-event birthday yesterday since he worked most of the day. Welcome to the real world guy, but plan on a family dinner on Tuesday.

Since I believe that I am very good at picking up on hints I conclude that the hotel wants me to leave. Housekeeping hung a clothes hanger with a monkey made from my bath towel and holding a note that said “sad to hear your leaving” on the shower rod. So, I best clean up and then get ready to don a jousting helmet. Since I am in the LA area I have already sent word to Michael Jackson checking whether or not I could borrow one of his costumes – I do so want to play the role of a proper Renaissance man. ‘Jacko’ can use all the good will he can get these days, so I think he’ll come through with a proper outfit. Michael, I recently saw some video of you wearing something jacket-like with a lot of gold braid-work and a cute little sky blue facemask; I think that would work nicely.

Have a great week.



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