Good evening all:

This was a busy week, but one where nothing really “jumps out”. Nothing that is other than that I was busy preparing for and then being part of a weekend meeting. One where Cathy and Jason’s car broke down, followed immediately with the breakdown of Adrianne’s car. I got coerced into doing a tiny bit of yard work – something I live for. And one where I am thoroughly enjoying 80 degree along with great sunshine weather.

The last few days we have also been sitting Adrianne’s dog – Shang. I have long forgotten the original meaning of the name Shang. All I know is that he really does look like a black Labrador, except for those legs. Here is my predicament. Last night, after attempts that literally go back for many months, Marcia finally opted to accompany Shang and I as we set out on our evening constitutional.

Either it was an exceptional evening, or I have been stomping along the same route way too much. Anyway, Marcia made a comment on the number of people who greeted or at least acknowledged us as we strolled along their sidewalks. Some of those who greeted us had actual dogs in their own yards, which were several times the size of Shang. All assured us that the snarling from these much larger dogs did not mean a thing since we were perfectly safe being on the “ok” side of their ‘invisible’ fence. Since I make my living marketing software it automatically means I am an expert about knowing all there is to know about a type of software termed “vapor-ware’. Trust me, when words such as ‘invisible’ and ‘vapor’ are used in the same sentence as fencing or software neither really exist.

Plus, I can sit here in our little home-office and watch Lancelot, my neighbor’s frisky and probably highly intelligent dog, trot merrily through our flower garden, through other neighbor’s yards, chasing mail “persons”, tearing up perfectly sealed garbage bags, and much much more. This is after about six expert representatives from the “Secure and Humane Invisible Fence Containment Company” (hereafter called SHIFCC) have now created a wonder of little flags in Lancelot’s yard, arranged in a manner that even puts the member country flag display in front of the United Nations building to shame. Each proudly announcing that Lancelot’s yard is now fully secured with an “invisible” fence.

Anyway, since Shang is much shorter than most of the various snarling offspring from the “Hounds of the Baskerville’s” Marcia and I were meeting on our walk I really did want to know what his name actually means. For example did it mean something like “meek and mild”, “completely placid”? Or did it mean something more akin to a canine version of “Eric the Red”. Here I was in luck. I happened to have a bit of knowledge of something called the “Kabalarian Philosophy”. The Kabalarian adherents really do study and interpret all that there is in a name. Now that I have taken the time to look it up, “here Shang, come here boy!” “Good boy, here’s your new calculator.”

Have a great week.



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