Morning all:

It’s with a bit of nostalgia that I start the morning. Our little household is fast approaching the end of what we have affectionately come to appreciate as “Paul’s Largely Unequalled Negotiated Dark Ebony Roast” or “PLUNDER” coffee. A specialty roast that came with the selling of Grandpa’s home on Ann Street, a blend we have come to love and appreciate for the last couple of years. Here, “I drink to Plunder”, as I lift my mug high; does that sound ok since we’re in wartime?

They’re Baaack! All around we heard that the Cicada infestation had started. However, since the critters need rain to soften the soil so that they can break through, we were spared. Yesterday afternoon the rains came. Last night I stepped out and many dozens were busily climbing up the outside walls of the house in preparation for shedding the little grub skins. Today they’ll start flying and screeching – counting 1,500,000 per acre.

Back in 1987 we were “ground zero” for the last Cicada emergence. At that time we had a smallish local Pizza chain going by the name of Snappy Tomato Pizza. Within days every radio station in town was playing a variation to the Snappy Tomato Pizza advertising jingle, “Cicada” was just too good a substitute for “Tomato”. A bit of a search and voila Click Here and have a listen as we go back in time.

You can imagine what it’s been like at our household. Since Adrianne announced that she’ll be off to Tonga everyone is trying to outdo the other researching and finding bits of information to share. Yesterday I think I should just be handed the prize for sending Adrianne the most esoteric and useless bit of Tongan fact. I managed to get a spreadsheet of the Auckland, New Zealand 2001 census with a complete breakdown of the Tongan peoples living in Auckland. Adrianne actually admitted that she looked at it. By the way, there are more Tongans living in NZ than in the Tonga capital city of Nuku’alofa.

Jason has been spending his free time screening in his side porch. I thought this Speed Bump picture describes just how the bugs appreciate his efforts. Marcia and I are heading for a party later today and then a wedding this evening. Tomorrow I leave for a bit of travel ending up in Quebec. And that’s the news from Cinci, the town that just this morning proudly posts a front-page headline reading: “Downtown Safe Despite Killing”. OK, thank you very much.

By the way, have a look at the brand new link placed with my other links in the green section on the left – I am sure you’ll find it.

Have a great week.



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