Morning all:

Wow, what a wonderfully typical spring morning. Here I sit with a great coffee at my side, lightning flashes crackling up and down the street, rain pounding on the hallway skylight, and my sinuses draining with a volume equal to the storm sewer out front – yes, for the first time in two years I have a cold.

Last weekend in southern California I was with Jolene and Art and their kids and we skipped the Renaissance Fair (thank you Lord). Instead we went to a nearby air show – now that was really up my alley. The Stealth did a flyby, old acrobatic planes were awesome, a Russian Mig17 doing stunts and the Airforce Thunderbirds performing some amazing maneuvers all became part of the afternoon fun. That evening I was treated to a great meal consisting of a variety of Pizzas made in their wood-burning backyard Pizza Oven. Just too cool.

It was my quick return home from the mid nineties temperature into the roller coaster spring weather we are having, coupled with long days and short nights that kicked in my cold. Question, have you ever tried to host an international conference call with no voice? It does become quite a trick as I found out this past Thursday.

Last night Marcia and I made it to the Symphony. First we were treated to the world premiere of a piece entitled Halcyon Sun commissioned by the Cincinnati Symphony in honor of the opening of the new National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. This was followed by an amazing performance of Beethoven’s Concerto Number 5 the Emperor Concerto with André Watts as the piano soloist. Watts started his career when, at age 16, Leonard Bernstein invited him to be the last minute substitute for an ailing Glen Gould with the New York Philharmonic.

By intermission Marcia felt that my hacking cough had provided enough entertainment so we packed it in.

Tonight it is a theme party – Surf’s Up Dude! The beach theme is complete with prizes for best costume. I am determined to win. The surf thing is probably a bit over the top for me. However, I can easily do the “American Tourist” thing; loud shirt, shorts, hat, binoculars, camera, cigar, sandals, and the “piece de resistance” – black socks. Marcia is still mulling on what to wear. She has no black socks.

By the way, Marcia had her regular mammogram this week with a clear scan. Ok, she did her thing for Breast Cancer Awareness – now it’s your turn.

Have a great week,



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