Morning all:

Everyone is still asleep, and with ears still ringing I am downstairs enjoying a mug of Folgers. Ears ringing? Of course “ringing”. After Adrianne’s going away party we all found ourselves sitting in a club at one in the morning; with some excellent Rock, Reggae, and Funk being played. See how your ears would manage such a barrage. Actually, knowing the band, sitting right in front, having favorites played made for one great evening.

The week has been a blur after my return from Colombia, with nary a break. Lots of catch-up at work, and then they came. Bringing the high energy of the California lifestyle, first Pieter blew into town and the next day Jeanne joined the fray. Before you could say “Skyline” we had Cincinnati chili and grated cheese hanging off our collective chins.

Actually though it was all to get ready for the Adrianne-going-away celebration. Last night our deck was the scene of her “Bon Voyage” party. Music, stories, food, talk, and then more food with wine; did I say food?

Amidst all of this we saw our little Marin begin a new phase. He was an angel as he played and smiled, and babbled. What was new you asked? Opa Dirk was able to hold him without his little lip starting to quiver and tears welling: for several minutes at a time. Hey, it’s a beginning.

Today we are going over to Springrove Cemetery for our walk. This huge place is on a national registry for it’s botanical beauty and quiet pathways. And for Pieter and Jeanne this is an opportunity to stop by our parent’s gravesite. Can we dub this, “dead men walking”?

Have a great week.



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