Morning all:

This is however an evening post. Since it takes about 3 hours to clear security in Cartagena if flying out of country, I need to vacate my hotel at 5:00 AM. This week went fast since it was meetings, trade show, and lots of functions. But rest assured I started each morning with a brilliant cup of strong Colombian coffee con leche.

This place has a phenomenally rich history as wave after wave of pirates and buccaneers came here to grab their fortune. The old city still has the massive walls used to turn back the invaders. One dinner was had in the old Spanish fortress of San Fernando which still guards the harbor entrance. The likes of Sir Francis Drake, Pablo Morillo, and Capt. Henry Morgan have major historical presence here. We had our own “storming” of the castle and after collecting our booty (or should that be booties?) sat down to feast.

This afternoon was free so I set out on the 4Km walk to the old city section. Part of it along the beach and part of it past about 1800 vendors; Rolex senior? – Wonderful painting for your family senor? – Sunglass mister? – Three shirts for only 10-dollar mister – And on, and on it went. All of this activity took my mind off the fact that it was really hot. Continuing my walking I went past some military barracks. Out front was a digital clock/temperature display – 36 degrees. Yes, do the conversion, spot on 97 degrees Fahrenheit by my book. Add a blistering sun with super high humidity and you’ll understand why I was soaked.

Sunday is Father’s Day. It is not too early to teach young Derek and Marin the fine art of showing appreciation to their dads. All the rest of you, just place us dads in front of the grill – we’ll be happy.

Have a great week.



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