Busy isn’t the half of it. This week has been a complete blur. It all started last Sunday with a little wine and cheese get together at the house. At work visitors from out of country took up more time than I had allocated putting me back with the work I had planned to do. Then after a long wait Kirstin and Derek flew into town. Little Derek has turned into a wonderfully laid back little guy who moves likes a whirling dervish. You can guess the rest; sure, I just had to take Friday as a vacation day!

So, along with Jason and Marin, Marcia, Adrianne, Kirstin and Derek it was a morning spent at the Zoo. Seeing the little guys drink in all the sights and sounds made walking all the hills, putting up with the first of our summer humidity, and smelling way to many critters all very worthwhile. Kirstin and Marcia even discovered the ever-present gift store.

Yesterday was a banner day full of Pomp and Circumstance. Adrianne completed her accelerated Master’s program in Social Work with a magnificent “hooding” ceremony. It is great to see how a young woman started her college career with timidity and nervousness then with purpose and dedication complete her graduate work in a single one-year stride. Adrianne, you have a right to be proud of your accomplishments – mom and I certainly are! All we can say is that the Peace Corps is gaining a top-notch volunteer and that Tonga will be better with your presence.

After all of this we partied it up a bit. Then the “old fogies” went home while the gang went to a club to see their long time friend Joel and his band play set after set into the wee hours. Marcia and I did the baby-sitting thing for Derek. Which meant that I went to bed while she plied her finely honed sitting skills. The bed thing was because I left at six this morning on my way to Cartagena Colombia. This is a 37,000 foot rambling which I hope to be able to post while I transfer in Miami. Everything tells me that connectivity in Colombia will be a bit of an issue.

Have a great week!



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