Morning all:

Even though it’s evening I have it burned into my brain that Marcia wants ½ a pot of coffee in the morning. That is because we have a 4:00 AM start, but more about that later.

Late last week Marcia and I were driving back from Kettering as the sun was beginning to set. I was the first to notice it, a spectacular rainbow. A rainbow where we could see each side of the arch touch earth. For about ten minutes it stayed with us before starting to fade, then a second rainbow began to emerge, and for another five minutes there were two gorgeous spectacles in the sky at one time. Coupled with the fact that I did not crash into anything on Interstate 75 while looking at the sky, I just knew that we would have one wonderful week ahead of us – I was not wrong.

The week’s been a blur. Pieter and Jeanne blew into town and while they were here we did not stop. What fun we had. If you find this hard to believe then click here to see for yourself on their picture blog. The rest has been dealing with the realization that this would be the week where we’d send Adrianne off for her Peace Corps adventure in Tonga. Even though Tonga is a tropical kingdom in the middle of nowhere she will be doing important work – and I know she’ll do it well! As I have told her this week, she’ll leave Tonga a better place than it is today. Your mom and I love you kiddo, and we’re so very proud. Godspeed Adrianne.

Now about the early start. This is the week, 4:00 AM in the morning to be exact, we’re of for northern Ontario Canada and Kik’s cabin. Not only Marcia and I, but nearly everyone on her side of the family, 22 people in all. This includes Derek and Marin and their moms and dads. Are we ready to party? Well. Maybe what I am ready for is some great relaxation and some great company. So, let the vacation begin!

Have a wonderful Independence Day on Sunday. Remember the sacrifices made by the founders of our country when they signed the Declaration of Independence. As, in many cases, our nations founders signed their own lives and futures away; while at the same time ensuring that we now have the freedoms we too often take for granted.

Have a wonderful week.



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