Morning all:

Autumn in August is continuing in Cincinnati. It is a great morning, and I haven’t even had a single sip of coffee. Guess the reason. No, wrong, no it is not because I’ve started a new fad diet thing. The actual reason is that I jumped out of bed and hurriedly woke up the computer so that I could check update number 239 from Vince and Kirstin on their personal “Travels with Charley”; I think that should have been “travails”. And was so happy and thankful reading the “all clear” from the “closet gang”, sent at 12:49 this morning.

A little later this morning we’ll check in with George and Sandy to see if they have fished the furniture from the pool yet. I talked with George prior to Naples getting hit so an update will be good. I will also have to check with the brand new Senior Mechanical Engineer for Walt Disney World whether the Tuna and Turkey statues were removed from the roof of the Swan and Dolphin resorts as a precaution. For those of you who do not know, I am proud to announce that I now have a direct line to this person at Disney.

Middle of the week Marcia and I stopped over at Jason and Cathy’s for a moment. Of course, as is always the case, we stayed for a little bit. Somehow the adults ended up sitting in a smallish circle. Without immediately realizing it Marin, almost right-on thirteen months old, was walking from one to the other, turning, and even doing a 360°. Aside from the thrill of watching this little miracle was seeing the joy the little guy was expressing through smile and sparkle. Wonderful stuff!

The week itself was quiet. Busy at work and for some reason, more meetings than I thought possible. Marcia and our contract person have been cranking out the work on the apartment re-do. This afternoon I have an appointment with a serious tenant, and then the place should be rented for the new school year. Adrianne would be sorely upset seeing how great the bathroom in her former unit now looks. The version she used for four years can only be described as a dungeon now has been transformed into an airy and bright space.

Please remember those in Florida who were not as fortunate as our loved ones, as other families deal with the hurt of lost lives and property.

Remember your blessings, have a great week.



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