Morning all:

Its autumn in August and we’re sleeping with the windows open, I just love this Global Warming stuff. Why even the morning coffee becomes a bit more special.

I’ve been home the whole week. At work it has been playing catch-up and meetings. At home it’s been getting the apartments ready for rental. So far it’s been applying the principles found under the chapter entitled, “Sweat Equity”. What I have noticed though, and really not by design mind you, is that Marcia seems to have grabbed hold of the “Sweat” portion of the chapter. I, on the other hand, am more stuck on the “Equity” side of the same chapter. Marcia is involved in a torrid affair with “Mr. Paintbrush” and has been seen sashaying around the various rooms of the building swinging him feverishly. I have had the pleasure of spending many hours at Home Depot making certain that things such as the right type of replacement windows were properly ordered. Today it is the purchase of a new shower enclosure. The downstairs unit is already leased as the beat goes on.

We are aware that Adrianne is on a more remote island in the Vava’u grouping, the very tiny island of Okoa, and as such we’re not getting much (translate: any) information from her. So last night, while having dinner on the deck, Marcia and I took turns reading from our well-thumbed copy of “South Pacific Handbook”. Let me quote a few lines from the page describing the largest city in the grouping and Tonga’s second largest city, Neiafu:

“Is still a sleepy little town of just 6,000 inhabitants, and a great place to explore. Neiafu is much more colorful, attractive, appealing, and restful town than Nuku’alofa (the capital). The longer you stay, the more you’ll like it, and the better you’ll become attuned to the town’s relaxed pace of life. You get the impression that this is a place where everyone knows one another, and where things can get arranged on short notice. Be aware that nearly all shops, bars, and restaurants in Naiafu are closed on Sunday. The only people you’ll likely to meet on the street on Sunday are those coming or going to church. Sunday morning singing at the Free Wesleyan Church on Tui Rd. opposite the market is almost worth the plane fare to Vava’u. Sunday nights a church service consisting mostly of hymns accompanied by rock music is broadcast across Neiafu on loudspeakers. This really is an unusual place.”

I have a whole new appreciation for standup comedians. The difficulty of maintaining an edge and catching people where their “funny bone” happens to poking through has to be true art. I do not think that I have it. Let me explain. Mind you, I am not in any way shape or form becoming political. Last Thursday we, and several neighborhood couples, met at the pool for a bit of talk and a pot-luck dinner. One of our friends is absolutely enamored with one presumptive candidate running for President—either that or he hates the other. To demonstrate his fervor he has placed a couple of signs urging support for his ”guy” in his yard. Since placing these signs we’ve had some variation in weather, a day of rain, a few more days of sun, than a day of wind, and so forth. Walking Shang past his yard I started to take note that on certain days the sign was “flopping” a bit, first one way, then another. So, at the pool, I asked him if this signage re-direction was done purposefully to show the more “waffling” attributes of his candidate. Well, I thought it hilarious; some very deafening silence told me otherwise. Hats off Seinfeld!

Have a great week everyone,



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