Morning all:

Still sleepy eyed, five thirty in the morning as I started making the fresh coffee, and that’s when I first noticed that a theft had occurred. Subtle, yet staring me in the face, I looked down for a bit trying to figure if things were really that much different. It was then that Shang waddled in, tags clinking, and head held very low with a major set of downcast eyes. Discovery and crime solved in one instant. It was Shang who had cleaned out the cat food dishes during a nighttime raid—licked absolutely clean. I guess we’ll have to change our cat food dish placement routine or plan for one heavy-weight dog. I suspect Adrianne will want us to change the routine.

Yesterday we got stung a little by a light flick of Ivan’s tail, all in the form of rain. Actually we were ready and in need of some moisture. We were told that the center of what was left of the hurricane was in the very southern part of Tennessee which placed a little scope on the size of that storm. Anyway, it blew through by late afternoon and the weekend is supposed to be wonderful for the big Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati extravaganza, complete with football and baseball. Marcia and I did last week’s Oktoberfest warm up on Mainstrasse; it had an older and more family oriented crowd—the chicken dance was done to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne”.

The early signs of autumn are here; shorter days, more leaves on the ground, and about a five degree cooler high. Now that the Deux Chevaux is street legal it became a perfect time for Marcia and I to toodle on over to the local Dairy Queen one early evening, top down and all. The previous owner was absolutely correct, it is one huge people magnet, even going so far as to interrupt my enjoyment of a chocolate covered something on a stick with a “could you lift the hood so I can take a look at the engine?” I should have told him no, that the squirrel was asleep. In actuality I fumbled with the latch and couldn’t make it work.

Adrianne has posted links for several of her fellow Tongan Peace Corps volunteers. One, David S., teaches computer skills and besides having great writing skills and a wry sense of humor keeps up with a running commentary of life in Tonga. You just have to check it out through her links or via this “Week’s Best” button below—this is a must read. Tonight we’re visiting with Cathy, Jason, and Marin for Pizza and a slide show. Jason has had slides developed from the Canada trip. He loves shooting slides and tends to do a very nice job of it so Marcia and I are anticipating. I hope that you too have something worthwhile and exciting to look forward to. Enjoy your weekend!

Have a great one.



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