Morning all:

Like a silent train the fogs came rolling through the streets this morning. Even now, things are much quieter when you step outside, even the chirping of the songbirds appears more distinct and crisper. OK enough of that, I am well into my second cup of coffee so let’s get started. By the way, sorry for the late start, I’ll explain.

Last night Marcia and I babysat for Marin, formerly known as “screech”. Jason and Cathy went to a wedding while we sat. The little guy was an absolute little angel! Dinner was fun, playtime went on and on. He and I walked up to and around the park—even stopping to sniff the flowers, and then spent some time on the playground on swings and slides. In actuality it was so much fun that his little mind said something such as; “why bother going to sleep, this is great.” Reality prevailed, and yes, even a pair of “geezers” can outlast a one-year old, and by 11:30 he just plain and simply “crashed”. Cathy and Jason found Marcia and I sprawled across couch and chair a while later. I should point out that at no time was the “we’re exhausted” phrase muttered.

This week we were actually using the “exhausted” word, and we are so ready for this Labor Day long weekend. Marcia threw herself into high gear getting the last apartment ready for its new tenant. Late last week he wrote stating he’d be in town on the first rather than the tenth. Monday even I got involved and after work both Marcia and I worked at the place till midnight. I flew on to New Jersey the next day so again Marcia was on her own for that final cleanup. I mentioned “once again” since on that weekend I did not fly back till mid afternoon on Saturday and then drove 600 miles on Sunday picking up our new Deux Chevaux Citroën. The tenant arrived and was thrilled with his choice of apartments as he started to get ready for his Graduate School career, nice work Marcia.

Even so, we did get a chance to put the top down and take the little “Duck” for a toodling around the neighborhood. Neighbors waved and smiled and Marcia just “crowed” away with them anytime we stopped. Me, I sat calmly practicing a very nasal French laugh, much like what I had seen former French President Charles De Gaulle manage as he put his enormous honker to the task.

Twelve years ago, this weekend, I rode my last DALMAC 400 mile bicycle ride from Lansing Michigan into the Upper Peninsula. This week would have been Omi’s 93rd birthday. Now, in 2004, Marcia and I are skipping the big fireworks eventon the Riverfront and instead are going to a dinner party. Time does march doesn’t it?

Enjoy your weekend; use it to rest up for your labors next week.



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