Morning all:

I think it is a conspiracy. This morning I cleaned out a mailbox full of spam. Aside from the “free laptop” and “property in Costa Rica” offers, about half were for something called the “super blue pill”. I now just noticed that my morning coffee mug, which happens to be blue, also has the word “performance” plastered on the side. What gives?

I don’t know about your part of the world but we here (collectively that is) are fully convinced that this past week every drop of rain, from wherever, was willed over our little town. Finally it’s cleared up. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to take a dog out on a dark night, leash in one hand, umbrella in the other, avoiding very wet low hanging branches? I know there is a certain romance about all of this. That is very true. True until the moment where your foot steps into a sidewalk low spot and you feel the water seep through your socks. Eventually arriving back home…schlup, schlup, schlup when, just before you get the old towel over the dog, he performs that most dogly miracle, the shake.

Last Monday, in the midst of the rain Cathy, Jason, and Marin along with Marcia and I revived a very old tradition begun when we lived in Hyde Park, dinner at the old neighborhood pub…Zips. The menu standard Zip-burger is still featured, and as we were all having fine conversation Marin was fixated on the model train which runs around the pub near the ceiling. Thirty years that little train has rolled about the place. Thirty years that the Zip-burger has been on the menu. It is good that some things do not change. It is real good that autumn comfort foods are being served again. Pumpkin pie anyone?

This week I had a chance to drive Marcia’s car. Opening her car door it sounded as if it would jump off its hinges. Through the wonder of on-line ordering I am now the proud possessor of a brand new replacement “door check”, the little stabilizer bar which holds the door open. Do you also see my weekend project on the near horizon?

Marcia and I discussed whether or not we too should forego a nights worth of sleep to stand in line waiting for our flu shot. Our solution is to sit back and wait. Not wait for the flu to strike us mind you. But, wait until all those fools currently in line keel over with the flu, after which we will calmly walk past and straight into the clinic front door. If you have no clue what I just wrote please go to the dictionary and look up “lemming”.

On the election front things must be getting desperate. This morning our paper reports that overnight the local Republican headquarters was burglarized and ransacked. Not to worry though, throughout all, there is one candidate who is able to remain calm, cool, and collected…. click on the “Week’s Best” button below for the answer.

Have a great week,



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