Morning all:

Almost a show stopper this morning! I discovered that I was just able to make a single, last, pot of coffee as we had run through the last of our Fair Market brew. The results of this final batch are being savored as I write. If this isn’t the exclamation point on the shopping list then I don’t know what is. I can envision trips to the Findley open air veggie market, Sam’s Club, and Meijers all in the near future.

Last weekend was spectacular, both in weather and company, as we spent time in the north eastern portion of our state. I had always viewed Ohio to be a bit of a large cornfield and it proved just how ignorant I was. The scenery was absolutely wonderful—once we got past the cornfields. A two and a half hour drive up took six coming home, all done on back roads. Stops for pictures, stops in forgotten villages where we explored ever-present antique shops. Then for Marcia the most special stop of all, twice over no less, the Tractor Supply stores. These places are a rural fixture with an amazing collection of this, that, and the other thing, all related to everything other than television watching. I did pick up a set of dollies with casters. The dollies will be used tomorrow to store our little Citroën Deux Chevaux for the winter. Once loaded I’ll be able to roll it into a corner of the garage and still park the other cars—not bad for a two stall affair is it now?

A week ago I was in panic mode regarding the preparations of a new marketing effort, a new web design, and completion of the planning for a large trade show at which we’ll have fifteen people. I really did begin to feel that control was slipping through and that none of it was going to come together in time. That is the difference in a week, because this week the choir is singing a closing chorus as the pieces have begun to fall into place nicely. The same would appear to be true for Adrianne as I read her blog: from “DRAMA” to “smiles, cookies, and Otai”. You have to give it a read.

All is fine on Sauer Ave., as Jason has given notice in preparation for his new work and the initial training that lies ahead. We stopped by last night and Marin has become not only a delight, but also a mischievous little clown. This does point out that we really need to make plans to visit with Vince, Kirstin, and Derek before we won’t recognize him. Talk about being mischievous; ask Vince or Kirstin how young Derek has turned into a little engineer who understands all about door locks. Oh, go ahead and ask them.

Now, before we get too much further, probably before shopping, we have to get ready to pick up two young saplings. Ours is a Star Magnolia, and for Cathy and Jason an Eastern Redbud tree; compliments of Cincinnati Park Board’s Natural Resource Management. I love it, we have received bids of $1,500 to remove our old dead Buckeye tree and here we get the replacement for free—what a country!

Have a great week.



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