Morning all:

Finally the rains have stopped. While it has stayed warm it seems that all week it went from drizzle to downpour and back, all of which gives a new spin to dog walking. Before starting my post I made coffee and retrieved the morning paper out of the yard. It has always been a favorite pastime to read the morning comics with my coffee and this morning was no different. This time I got to thinking; whatever happened to Lil Lulu, Tubby, Mr. McNab, and the whole gang?

The perfect little family across the street have added a large (two horse sized) trailer to their driveway. Not a typical “U-Haul” style but a very stylish black trailer with white lettering announcing “Progressive Design Group – European Kitchen and Bathroom Specialists”. On the surface it would simply appear to be something parked there by their contractor, would it not? However, I think it to be all a ploy. I am willing to bet that this trailer is in actuality filled with the very latest in decorative outdoor Christmas lighting. If I am right, then once again, the icicle light house decoration battle is on! Don’t tell me; is it that time of year again?

While Jason was in training this week Marcia babysat Marin. The two of them have hit it off and Marin has successfully succeeded wrapping Marcia around his little pinky. All of this for Marin means—food on demand, change of toys—on demand, indoor or outdoors activities—on demand, hats on or off—on demand, play with the dogs—on demand; however, keep in mind that Marcia is in the one fully in charge. Yea, right!

Jason’s home-bound flight was cancelled and in place of an early evening arrival I ended up picking him up at 11:15 last night; welcome to the wonderful world of business travel Jason. Though tired he was “Mr. Excitement” and was going on and on about the various sessions and the amount of networking he was able to accomplish. He truly is off on a new beginning.

This year Marcia and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving in Michigan. We are really up for this. I know that as busy as I have been that a few days away will be exactly what the Dr. ordered. More importantly, I just love getting together with family. Now the real hope will be, do they really love to get together with the two of us? Stay tuned.

Next is my walk with Shang, he expects nothing less than three miles on Saturday mornings. Next it’s a series of errands and shopping. Then if time permits a visit to the Library capped with a leisurely stroll through Home Depot. It really doesn’t get much better does it?

Have a great week,


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