Happy Sunday evening:

Definitely it’s a late start for the weekly ramble. The morning pot of coffee disappeared long hours ago and the Sunday paper has been read cover to cover. Shang went frolicking in the park. This was the first time this fall that the early morning park grass was covered with hoarfrost. The cooler temperature has invigorated Shang. When I unclipped his leash he ran for about twice the distance he normally does before slowing down to properly sniff anything and everything. In any case, it was nice and quiet and the new grey icy coating on everything made for a nice change. Then the bright sunshine is quickly transformed all to a normal bright fall day.

This morning, right before I got up I turned over and in an instant an amazingly painful charley-horse cramped my calf; eleven hours later I can still feel it. Rather than running I hobbled around the park a tad and have been a bit behind the curve ever since. It must be the penalty for standing on my feet for the whole week. Yesterday started with a breakfast meeting followed with a 500 mile drive in a fully packed company mini van. The Appalachians had enough color left in the trees to make the trip very pleasant. The only eventful non-event was watching a SUV driving about 100 feet in front of me dodge a deer and miss it by less than 10 feet. Since we were all moving at about 75 mph it would have been an attention-grabbing scenario had they hit.

The week-long trade show I was at was a huge success. Not being too biased I believe that out of around 280 stands ours was the most innovative, we tried for and really exuded a high tech look. I had managed to secure our space by the main entrance, which was great, and our team of 15 people was superb. It really is good to see ten months of work come together as well as it did. However, I do think that I brought back a five year supply of mints; well a slight miscalculation here and there can’t be helped now can it?

Marcia is in seventh heaven. This week the very first Trader Joe’s location opened up in town. Trader Joe’s was her discovery last year while with Pieter and Jeannie in Redondo Beach. We now have an array of organic stuff in the pantry. When she announced dinner was ready it came complete with a delightful glass of their famous “two-buck-chuck” wine. TBC rather than $1.99 as it is out West is $3.39 a bottle with 10% case discount—close enough huh?

While I was gone Norah Jones was in town. I tried to talk Marcia and the Cincy gang into going, all to no avail. While at the show this week one of my Brazilian friends just happened to mention that Norah was going to be in concert on December 8th in Sao Paulo and that he had tickets. As it turns out I have a connection with Norah’s director of lighting and gave him the name. At least I have one person interested in trying to get a back stage pass to meet with a great singer.

Now I best finish my unpacking, continue stretching my calf, and get ready for a great bowl of squash soup.

Have a great week.



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