Morning all:

Not much rambling this morning. It’s too early and too much to do. I have already gone halfway through my little, very weak, in-room pot of coffee here in Atlanta. And it’s not even six. Last ThursdayI arrived in Atlanta for my industry’s largest exposition, this exposition occurs every four years and today is crunch day.

It really is pretty amazing seeing five very large semi trucks driving around inside the interior of the World Congress Trade Center, each accompanied by a huge crane to unload truck sized pieces of machinery. That was the first thing I noticed as I walked into the hall yesterday morning. Today the stand builders will be far enough along to where I have secure space on our stand and our people can start placing and testing the systems.

By the end of the day an empty 400,000 square foot hall will be a brightly lit city consisting of hundreds of little places of glitz, color, and smiling faces, at least that is my hope. So today it’s my turn to turn 1,000 square feet of it the very best of all of them. Tomorrow fifteen of our people will show up expecting it to be just so. Next is an afternoon for each of them to practice their specific roles. Then Monday, and for the remainder of the week, it’s Show Time. I do love these events!

Now, one last thing before I wander over to the hall and that is a phone call to my uncle in The Netherlands. At the young age of ninety he wants me to call him and discuss our election results. As the British would say—brilliant!

Have a great week,



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