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Regarding the Presidential election and notwithstanding your own personal preferences, I guess that by now you know that Ohio was where Florida was four years ago—the eye of the political hurricane. I just found out (4:30 am) that other than an absolute “straight flush” (poker lingo) on the absentee and provisional ballots Kerry has not got a chance. But, here’s what you did not know, and “this is the rest of the story”; Ohio’s secret weapon for the Republicans was a little 103 year old lady, and it was this little lady who was the one who pushed Ohio over the top for Bush.

103-Year-Old Has Voted in Every Election Since Women Got That Right in 1920

11/02/04 12:28PM GMT

Even at age 103, Esther Fobes won’t be sitting out this Election Day.

The Warren, Ohio, senior citizen says she’s voted in every election since women were granted that right in 1920.

She cast her first ballot for Republican candidate Warren Harding. In those days, Fobes says they would ride to the polling place in a horse-drawn buggy.

Fobes says she’ll be staying up late tonight, to see who wins. She adds she’ll be drinking plenty of coffee.

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