Morning all:

In previous visits when I got back from visiting with our Florida gang I couldn’t wait for my own coffee. This morning I discovered that the java I enjoyed all week in Ocoee was at least as good as what I make—both were made to wake up for; Kirstin has been practicing her brewing skills and I appreciate it.

As you might have guessed, Marcia and I are home after a wonderful visit and for us a superb vacation. Vince and Kirstin might view it otherwise, the “vacation” part that is, but for us it was fantastic. Seeing Derek for the first time in way too many months, especially at his age, was a highlight; he’s turned into a wonderfully darling, interactive, trusting, curious, and self reliant little guy who just loves people. It is also fun to see what five months of age difference brings about as I compare him to Marin’s development. What is absolutely no different between the two little guys is the very noticeable and unquestionable positive effect on both of having loving, caring, and nurturing moms and dads who are focused on raising their kids; they are so very fortunate to have parents like Vince and Kirstin, and Jason and Cathy. Our kids might no realize it but there is no greater gift that they could give these two than the one they are passing on at this very critical developmental period of both Derek and Marin.

We did it all this past week, from lovely home cooked meals to eating out, to walks in the park, walks in the neighborhood, playing in playgrounds, joining Derek at his local library reading session, shopping, Walt Disney World, to just Opa and Derek playing in the dirt. If it sounds like a whirlwind, well it was. Just have a look at my photo album to see for yourself. And the highlight, a night at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, courtesy of Vince and Kirstin, where Zebras, Giraffes, antelopes, and cranes walk the Savanna right outside your own balcony—now how special is that? Thanks guys!

Jason shared with me a web site that might have interest for some of you and then how he has set up his own neighborhood. MIT folk started it under a grant and this site allows anyone to set up a web-site for their neighborhood. It literally can contain anything from updates, to events, to discussions, bios, sales, and reviews. Leaving Orlando there happened to be a blurb on the news that one thing lacking in Orlando was a sense of community; could this site be a start towards creation of “i-neighborhood”?

Tonight is our neighborhood’s annual “Progressive Dinner”. Although we’re not a host home this year, Marcia is involved in making the main course of hearty soups for the sixty or so folk participating. Getting up this morning I noticed the kitchen counter completely lined with a collection of Crock and soup pots. Soup and chili’s are just what the doctor ordered since the first thing I heard on the radio this morning was some blathering about a “wintry mix” all day today. Can we go back to Florida, please?

Have a great week



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