Morning all:

Part of the week I was at a hotel where the whole family could have stayed in just my room. It had it all, from King sized bed to a formal sitting area to an office-like environment. It did not have a coffee maker! Therefore, this morning I am enjoying my fully loaded retro-White Castle mug immensely.

I just finished a crazy week; playing host and tour guide to five overseas folk, as we criss-crossed the country. This of course included daily breakfast discussions, presentations, and meetings, site visits, dinners and more discussions. All adding up to several 4 to 4.5 hour sleep nights. Yesterday morning at the airport check-in one of them asked that his bags be destined for Bangkok, Vancouver, and Sydney. The flustered Delta clerk asked what he meant since his ticket read Melbourne. Without batting an eye, my Aussie friend stated that those were the locations his bags had ended up previously when his ticket also said Melbourne. I think that they are on their way to Melbourne.

We were a bit on pins and needles when Adrianne wrote that she was being evacuated for weather concerns. Scouring any and all weather news for the South Pacific we realized that the area had two active cyclones; Nancy and Olaf. Some of the reports had their tracks joining up into a “Perfect Storm” with 155 mph winds. It turned for the better and with much relief the “all clear” sounded for Vava’u Tonga. They did have some winds and I am certain Adrianne will receive another 40 or so Mangos.

The flu hit Jason, Cathy, and Marin. As is normal, these bugs do have a kind side by not hitting everyone at once. Someone healthy is therefore always around to hold hands with the “sickie”. They are on the mend and tomorrow are having their planned “View Adrianne’s Tongan video party” for all of her school and childhood friends.

Shang was just thrilled to see me back, bringing me toy after toy and then switching to tennis balls. Tired as I was I took him on an evening walk that minimally quadrupled any Marcia had taken him on during the week. This morning I noted that Shang had taken his celebratory state to new heights by feasting on the cat food. It also made me realize why this morning those beasts woke me and were demanding serious attention. They were extremely fortunate that they were not immediately turned into “sail cats” heading into the hallway at high speed.

And not to forget, Happy Birthday Derek (I remember because mine also sneaks in once again)!

Have a great week.

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