Morning all:

I know that it’s a bit early, but by mid day I’ll show Marcia how to prepare a proper Brazilian Cafezinho. I guess that my thinking is going along these lines because of the excellent first mug of morning coffee parked next to me.

Last Sunday it was cold and very windy. You would have thought that it would rain at any time, instead it was an afternoon sky filled with wonderful cloud formations that screamed by as the sun kept bouncing in and out. I made a decision that it was a perfect afternoon to hit one of our hiking trails and take Shang on a six mile trek. The first four miles had Shang in his glory, tail up and wagging and even pulling on his leash. The last two had him looking quizzically up at me with one of those “are you sure you know what you’re doing?” looks. The trail crosses through a golf course and there I spotted a puddle from previous rains, perfect for Shang to lap some water. With renewed energy, tail high and wagging, we made for the car. Shang slept all evening. Maybe this weekend we’ll have a repeat.

While on the road this week I stopped for a soup and half sandwich at one of my favorite lunch places—of which we have none in our town, Einstein Brothers bagels. Marcia always accuses me of picking up anything free that lies around. At Einstein it was no exception. In the doorway, almost to be tripped over, stood a rack with a stack filled with those free newsy things. You know the ones, “City………” or “Village..…..”, fill in the blank; all of them a bit on the fringe side, marginal in quality of writing, with loads of those “SWM/FT/BS seeking” ads covering multiple pages in the back section. This rack’s content was absolutely different. A large stack of a magazine called the Rake offering page after page of great writing printed on quality paper and ads that actually appealed. Minneapolis you can be proud of this wonderful alternative and literary piece.

Why am I sitting here at 6:30 in the morning having a second coffee and munching on Nori Maki Rice Crackers wrapped in seaweed? I just realized this isn’t exactly typical breakfast fare.

Once again I participated in the festive and hugely jostling airport event called “going through security”. Once again I witnessed the nonsense of a girl in shorts having to remove her beach style flip-flops and scurry through the metal detector barefoot. Another clear symbol that my safety had just been substantively enhanced. I could only think of the accuracy of Walter Williams’ syndicated column of last week. The gist of his piece was that our security officials spend an inordinate amount of energy covering all potential possibilities to the detriment of having necessary resources available to cover the most probable security issues. Thanks to my travel people for not cutting two one way tickets I met the standard passenger profile and again I was fortunate to not have the dreaded “SSS” printed on my boarding pass.

Make it a good week

PS. Happy birthday Marlene!

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