Morning all:

Here we go with the first of something I’ll call the morning “fireside chat”. On second thought, Shang just whispered to me that that’s something some guy with the initials FDR did sixty years ago (just for the record – it was Shang who whispered since no one else is up, otherwise he doesn’t do that sort of thing). Aside from that, there is no fire in our fireplace and I happen to be sitting in my big leather chair in the family room and not anywhere near the fireplace. What I do want to point out is that the wireless router is operating beautifully and that I can be online from anywhere in the house – or even the deck. Now all I need to do is fabricate a little “around the neck” shelf for the laptop, that way I don’t have to stop “surfing” to get a coffee refill.

I didn’t have space last week so this is a bit dated, but two Saturdays ago Marcia and I had the top down on Our Duck and took it out. Actually the story is that the city’s Preservation Association Historic House Tour took place in our neighborhood. At $30 a ticket and being forced to wear hospital style booties in each home I got a bit of a panic attack with the prospect of “touring”. Marcia on the other hand did what Shang does so well – drool. I am not sure who actually came up with the brilliant compromise, but here is what we did; I chauffeured Marcia around in our very shiny Duck. I brought a book along to do a bit of reading while Marcia toured. The net result was that I did not read a single paragraph, since at each stop a small stream of people would gather around to talk about the car. Some completely ignorant of the Citroën marquis others quite knowledgeable who would ask great questions, such as “where does the gas go”? I had an absolute blast. Marcia thought the tour, at $30, was OK.

That Sunday following “the tour” was Mother’s Day. For you guys reading this, here is an answer to a question that all of you have floating in the back of your heads. You are probably even now, two weeks after the event, wondering: “if I should by some odd chance forget to make dinner reservations on Mother’s Day what would adequately compensate for this oversight?” By only the merest chance is it that I got caught up in this very predicament and so I have the answer: five hours of hard labor in the yard gets you very close to being “off the hook”. And yes, there is a degree of stress that comes into play as subtle reminders float at you throughout the day. Now that it is two weeks later I can finally start laughing a bit.

Work was very strange this week as we initiated the moving to larger quarters. Packing up and organizing (pitching) ten years of stuff for the movers to take is a bit of a chore. Since the new “digs” are still under construction I’ll be operating out of my home office for a few weeks. Marcia wants me to rent an old Airstream to park out front to use as the remote office. I’d do it since we now have wireless connectivity; it’s the bit about running an extension chord through the yard that bothers me. At least it’s not as strange as Adrianne who in the course of her work drinks mosquito larva—see her blog for the complete story.

Make it a great week.

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