Morning all:

A happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. I have no idea what the Brits were thinking, or even if it plays into their celebration of Mother’s Day, when they commission a statute to be built. The statute is being created alongside one of their busiest highways, the A1, and is called “The Goddess of the North”. It is claimed that the reclining “goddess” will be nearly half a mile in length and with hips and breasts nearly 100 feet high will be visible from a passenger jet. Leave it to the Brits.

We are finally emerging out of the dark ages. Next week “Zoomtown” will be installed and it will be “goodbye” to dial-up connectivity. Marcia finally bought in to this event. The real reason is that our office is moving to larger quarters and we will have some time to “home office” as the move unfolds. Between some travel next week, and the installation of the high-speed modem (a do-it-yourself project) don’t be alarmed if I miss a post next weekend.

The morning paper is just now being delivered. Before I could see anything I could hear the “thunk” of papers hitting the yards way up the street. I am not sure if the delivery pace is normal or just because he’s running late, but he blew by here at twenty-five miles an hour and managed to get a paper tossed to the neighbor across the street and one in our yard. Pretty impressive.

All week I have spent some evening time getting our Duck out of its winter hibernation—oil change, oil filter, fuel filter, grease linkages, air filter, chassis lubrication, etc. Last night it was that “magic moment”, I climbed behind the wheel of the Deux Chevaux and turned the key. A few cranks and the little 24 hp 2-cylinder engine popped into life. I was all proud and excited about this very magic moment. Marcia was much more utilitarian as she mentioned that a week or so ago she started the lawn mower after its winter hiatus, it also started—pull three on the starter chord, and she didn’t expect anything else! No matter, I am still all proud, and so was she when we took it for a spin around the neighborhood—top down and Shang in the backseat.

Ok, now before the sun gets hot I am going the wash and wax the Duck and make sure that all six months of dust is properly disposed of. Or should I take Marcia to the Amish country for some festival? It seems to me that this Amish festival thing was mentioned one evening when she stuck her head around the corner while I had my head under the car. Your thoughts or votes on this predicament are welcome.

Make it a good week.

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