Morning all:

Marcia just came back from the hotel lobby – coffee in hand. This would mean that day has started, even if the stuff is lukewarm. She and I are in the middle of a brand new adventure, and by the way, hello from Grayling, Michigan the “heart of the Northland”. At our exciting stage of life what possibly is it that you have never before experienced, you might be asking? Ok, here it is, this night we have stayed in what is advertised as a “Pet Friendly Hotel”, and for us it’s a first. As a matter of fact for Shang it’s also his first. We’re on our way to Canada.

For Shang it’s a delight. Different smells are found all over the place, and last night it was a long walk to the center of this little town, complete with a small store that forms the heart and soul of the downtown area—The House of Jerky. He even stands by the door trying to get the best and latest “whiffs” from the hallway.

When I went on line to find this place I had no idea that there was this whole “unseen” world of pet friendly hotels. How many other “subgroup” catering places are there out there? I always laugh when I see travelers going through airports or walking about hotels carrying their own pillows. Here are Marcia and I carrying his bed. I guess we are no different.

This week we attended a Peace Corps event and had a blast. As expected, at the heart of the event it was a recruitment effort. We met about a hundred people, parents of current volunteers, returned volunteers, recruits, and a few who had been accepted and were waiting for assignment. Marcia thought she would be the oldest person in attendance being a member of group number four. However, one lady enjoying the evening was in group one. For those of you who did not know, Marcia spent two years setting up physical education programs for young women in Venezuela. By contrast, Adrianne currently serving in the Kingdom of Tonga is a member of group number 67. The evening was spent meeting people with amazingly interesting backgrounds. We had dinner with a couple who were home schooling their five kids ages eight through eighteen. He had served in a remote village in an oasis in a remote part of Morocco. Another had spent two years in Iran. Marcia connected with a group that meets throughout the year so she is excited.

Now I best get ready to take Shang out for a morning constitution. Then we’ll grab a bit of breakfast and try to cross the Mackinac Bridge and reach the border and customs checkpoint at Sault Ste. Marie before it starts to back up. This week there is much celebration: happy Canada Day, happy Independence Day, and most importantly, happy birthday Marin! NASA is shooting a comet just to create some really special fireworks just for you.

Make it a great week

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