Morning all:

Finally there has been a drop in the humidity. This also precipitated (pun intended) in my getting up a bit early to enjoy the morning coolness. Coffee in hand, Echoes playing on our local PBS station; I did a little on-line news reading. As if there is not enough trouble in the world this morning I woke up to a raging something called the Leylandii war in rural England. Sometimes trouble comes in small streams (yes, I am in a punning mood this morning).

Talking of trouble—isn’t this a perfect transition? Wednesday late morning Marcia took little Marin to wait for his mom to arrive home on the bus. Sitting at the bus stop bench minding their own business a police car went by heading the other way. Suddenly the cruiser’s brakes locked and the vehicle careened back up the hill till it pulled even with Marcia and Marin. Marcia was calmly advised by the officer that a bank had just been robbed about three blocks up the road by two men with shotguns—who were still on the loose; and that “she should head home immediately”. Marcia told Marin that the police officer said that there were bad men outside and that they had to go home and wait for mom there. Now all that Marin wants to do is head down to the bus stop to look for “bad men”.

Last weekend we had Jacquie and Daniel’s wedding in Michigan and a great family time. As part of the festivities Marlene organized a harmonica contest to take place during the reception. Little Derek and Marin formed a Simon and Garfunkle-esque duo. When it came time for their act to step forward it was discovered that the Simon (Marin) part of the act had called it a night and was doing the “lounge lizzard” thing around and about the hotel. Never daunting for a second Derek stepped up to the microphone. OK, so he stepped up in his mom’s arms for those who want to be sticklers about such matters. Anyway, with absolute purity of note, silencing a fairly rowdy gathering, he blasted out his own version of that dear classic Johnny One Note. What a night it was.

I am amazed at how calm I am since a little later this morning Marcia, Cathy, and her brother Mike are heading out to explore what is touted as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale”. They will start in northern Kentucky driving an empty pickup truck and plan to snake it halfway to the capital of Kentucky, Frankfort, before returning—with, what I sincerely hope will be, a still empty pickup truck. Yah, fat chance, bets anyone? Whatever happened to the solemn vow that at our stage of life the goal is to get rid of junk, not collect more? Just what we need, another picture that will be laughed right off the Antiques Road Show. Actually, the little gang will cover only a fraction of the total expanse of the sale, thanks for small favors.

Assuming that the weather stays sunny Marcia and I have some major plans for the afternoon. The plan is to drive the Deux Chevaux to the picturesque town of Lebanon for their annual Blues, Barbeque, and Bumpers festival. This is about a thirty mile run each way and would be our longest distance ventured in The Duck. We both have been sitting with map in hand plotting a back-roads route. While Marcia is doing the “yard sale” thing I will be fine tuning The Duck. I do love summer festivals.

The town of Lebanon is a jewel in our area. Years gone by during the stagecoach era it was the last major overnight stop prior to reaching Cincinnati. The Golden Lamb is the oldest continuously operating restaurant and hotel in Ohio. Here historical figures such as British author Charles Dickens and twelve of our Presidents have all eaten and stayed. The rooms are all in use and the furnishings are as they were back it hen. We should have a great time.

Make it a great week,

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