ADDENDUM from Michigan

You have no idea regarding the actual number of queries I received throughout the day regarding the morning post. From “is everything ok?” to “I just knew something was wrong.” Neither was true. But yes, there was a purpose behind my post—it was a ruse!

Last night was Paul’s surprise birthday party and aside from wanting nothing out of the ordinary Marcia and I also planned for a quick run into Michigan. We made it here and Dia’s picture perfect planning meant that birthday boy got his surprise and we were able to enjoy it with everyone.

Do we really have to head home today?


Morning all:

Welcome to a short ramble this morning. I got home last night after a week of bouncing around the Eastern half of the country. Visits in several cities, an equal number of airports, accompanying a group of six overseas individuals proved to be fun. Since I am going to be quite busy all day today I have placed an extra scoop of coffee in the pot. Get ready for that first sip Marcia!

Flying – it’s a different world these days

I had an international group under my wing. The fun started in Cincinnati. Flying regional here also means that instead of using a jetway everyone walks across the tarmac and on the plane. One of my guests, not an experienced traveler, was videotaping it all. Even when the dour cabin attendant (looked like she was finishing up a five day swing) was going through the safety demonstration he happily taped it all. We did notice that immediately after her presentation she initiated some intense discussion with the cockpit crew. The next moment my little group was requested to leave the aircraft and step outside—right into the arms of waiting police. Without getting melodramatic, forty-five minutes later accompanied by a hearty round of applause from fellow passengers we were all on our way, including my, now looking very pale, guests. Want to video tape your trip? Do ask first!

Our next day’s flight had a much different cabin attendant in charge of the flight. She was perky and had the rest of her staff motivated. Once we left the gate she immediately started on the intercom. “Ladies and gentlemen thank you for flying Delta.” “We know that you have a choice of airlines and therefore really appreciate your business—and God knows we need it!” “In fact we’ll fly just about anything for money, people, children, cargo, and even large pets: thank you.” Yes it is a different world.

A down-day in Nashville proved to be just what the doctor ordered. I have known that Pieter and Art head there with fair consistency; I now know why. Bar hopping among a series of live-music beer joints was just excellent. Even an evening dinner and show cruise on the General Jackson paddle wheeler is heartily recommended.

I don’t know what Marcia’s urgency is. She is up early and urging me to action. I know that there is still coffee in the pot so that can’t be it. “Coming dear!”

Make it a great week.

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