Evening all:

I am skipping coffee. Tomorrow will be amazingly hectic so tonight it’s post-n-sleep, hence no coffee. I had very serious plans to write all about 7 sure-fire tricks to powerful blogging but realized after scratching myself for a half hour that I better stick with some rambling about the week that was. Ramblings are my speed.

Adrianne has a nice habit of giving a title to each post. This week mine will be:

The Anniversary Dinner

Six weeks ago, getting ready for our anniversary, I invited Marcia to a performance by the world’s technically most accomplished jazz guitarist—Al Di Meola. With six million CDs sold, several gold albums, and having performed with the likes of Chick Corea, Luciano Pavarotti, Paco De Lucia, Paul Simon, Phil Collins, Santana, Steve Winwood, Herbie Hancock, Les Paul, Steve Vai, and the Toronto Symphony it promised to be a great concert.

Marcia: “well I don’t know, I’m not sure, probably not.”
Dirk: “we’ll have our anniversary dinner and then catch one great show.”
And so it went.
Finally travel kicked in and – zip, nada, as far as the concert was concerned.

Fast forward to last weekend – the day of the concert.
Marcia: “what are we doing tonight?”
Dirk: “Well, we’ll grab a table at the Kona Bistro
Marcia: “We could see Di Meola.”

I jumped onto Ticketmaster – sold out. Next, Tickets On-line – sold out. However we did find out that a few tickets were available at the door.

The plan – We would get to the theater just after six where I would wait for the doors to open at seven and buy our tickets. At six thirty Marcia would head for Kona and order dinner. By the time our lovely anniversary dinner would arrive I’d join her for a great meal. Afterwards a stroll accross the street and then a magical show-time at eight.

Reality – Six thirty Marcia orders. Ten minutes later starts eating: alone. The theater doors opened late, now scheduled for seven twenty. Yea! I got two tickets and just after seven thirty run to join her for our big anniversary dinner. Ten minutes later we both huffed back to jump into what has become a block-long line to try and still get a decent seat.

The title should really read:

The 10-Minute Anniversary Dinner
(no Heimlich required)

B.T.W. The concert was great!

So what is all this stuff in the morning? First off it’s Shang’s walk followed by a run to the CPA to pick up the taxes. Then a review of the “honey-do” list since we’re having some contractors over next week and our prep work has to get done. After which it’s across the street for a neighbor’s annual fish fry. Cathy is volunteering at their neighborhood “Taste of Clifton Heights“—guess where we’ll be. Then in the evening it’s at friends for a Sushi and wine tasting. Phew!

Good night, make it a great week.
Happy birthday Paul—how many zeros is it?

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