Morning all:

This week was a major lesson in coping. Marcia and I stepped off our little commuter plane and had to immediately dive under cover waiting for our planeside-checked luggage in order to stay dry. Welcome to Cincy and its newly declared Tornado Warning. Two nights in a row it was full-time weather only coverage as front after front barreled this way from places like Evansville where real destruction actually did take place. All the major stuff except for the rain and cold missed us. Now I am ready to play the “snowbird” bit again and head back to the sunshine. Maybe that is why I am starting this morning drinking my liquid “sunshine”.

Everything about the wedding last weekend was wonderful, and we had the best of times. Marcia kept her good humor even though most of my side of the family, complete with all our antics, got together. It was a bit much seeing the “father-of-the-bride” walk about with the rear of his tux smeared with contents from the chocolate fountain. Even my twin sister cousins from Holland got into the spirit of the weekend having registered at the hotel as husband and wife. All I can say is that it was an amazing party. One hint for Sandy, next time you hire a true artist as photographer make certain that it is not a madcap variation of Vincent van Gogh.

Marcia’s Christmas, birthday, and all events for the final quarter of the year gift had been installed during our travels: a new Viking professional kitchen stove.

I think she continually keeps testing all of its six burners as she stands in front of the thing happily grinning away.

I don’t know about you but this time of year brings with it massive lists all relating to chores. Today the annual winterization and storing of the little Deux Chevaux is taking place. This will be along with the storing of the deck furniture and the shrouding of the A/C compressor. As a child winter was always a new and fun season. As an adult it seems to be more of a shutting down time. Oy, probably there is a serious metaphor here—just being perspicacious (the word for the day).

Since I got up quite early this morning I put on electronic music from Budda Bar’s album called “Chill Out in Paris” (I think very appropriate this week) put in the ear buds and cranked up the volume. Having done all that I took a thermal mug of coffee outside and pressed up against the wall of the house for balance and to a look up at the Leonid Meteor Shower: see Linda I do read and follow your advice. The sky was clear and completely cloudless, so wouldn’t you know it, I did not see a single shooting star before getting cold. That was all the incentive I needed to head back inside, and sit down to post this ramble.

To everyone have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your family and friends during this beginning of the holiday season. I now best get busy with my job jar. This afternoon Cathy, Jason, Marcia, and I are off to watch the University of Cincinnati women’s basketball team do their magic.

Make it a great week everyone.

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