Morning all:

A crazy and wonderful time of year this is—my absolute favorite! Last Saturday my homeward bound flight had to get de-iced prior to takeoff, Halloween night we were all hanging out on the front porch in our tees. Midweek I took a noontime walk on a jogging path in Oakbrook Illinois in some wonderful sunshine, this afternoon winds and rains are supposed to start. So there you go, one week and full cycle in the weather department. A deep reflection such as this calls for a coffee mug refill.

Delta airlines is trying mightily to get out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. To do so they will fly me to the west coast for approximately $235. My Chicago trip this week would have been right around $425. A handful of CDs, cell phone and charger, a fresh oil change, a thermos of coffee, and my five hour driving journey started. Good luck Delta.

Since it is “that time of year” during the whole period the television road advisory folk refer to as “the early morning hour” I acted like a bobble-head on the lookout for deer. This is because the EPA, or is it the Sierra Club, swear that automobile emissions have trace elements of pheromones in it thus attracting the very largest of the bucks. The very next day the same section of road I drove on leaving town was shut down for ten hours because cows roamed the highway. A semi trailer flipped, twenty some odd cattle died and a similar number wandered around the roadway looking for rides back to old MacDonald’s place. Now what am I supposed to do? Drive on emitting or stop illegally to extend a lift. This really does become multitasking, not really one of my greatest strengths.

On a more serious note. I finally have interest in the wood from our dead and downed Buckeye tree which is bleaching and drying in the backyard. I believe it has finally become a bit of neighborhood gossip. One truckload has been taken, to which Marcia observed; “I really can’t see that any is gone”. To assist, I, in the dark thanks to the new standard time shift, plugged in my (it was referred to as a toy) 13” chain saw and started cutting a piece of trunk. Believe me when I tell you that it is absolutely impossible to cut through a 28” diameter section of trunk with a 13” saw no matter how you try doing it. I have tried to do it physically by sawing, to no avail, before I finally sat down so that I could pour some wine and do the math properly, neither worked—not even the wine

Momentarily we’re off to pick up a new vehicle for Marcia. For two years I have woken up to the all night Truckin’ Bozo radio show playing away. For all this time I have not believed one iota that any of this subliminal teaching stuff works.

I can hear it now: “breaker breaker cottonmouth, this here is the Flying Dutchman letting you know that I’m heading north to Port Clinton, Ohio to pick up Marcia’s new/used Ford Ranger Supercab 4X4 pickem-up truck just purchased on eBay. What’s that cottonmouth? Negatory good buddy, I did say eBay.” Better stay tuned how this evolves.

Make it a great week everyone and keep the rubberside down.

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