Morning all:

No idea why I insist on getting up early on Saturday mornings, especially this morning. This evening we have an “event” (more later) so it will be a very long day. I guess the “early to rise” bit has everything to do with the anticipation of the morning post and that first coffee.

Shang and his foster parents have settled back into the much more quiet routine that had been normalcy for the past year and a half. Adrianne updated her blog and that plus a phone conversation confirm that she too is back into her routine—starting with a “putu” (funeral) as soon as she got back to her island. The Peace Corps has finally published some do’s and don’ts about blogging, most make perfect sense and deal with the culture and values of the people in the various cultures the volunteers are in. Also, the issue of security is addressed. For her postings about the only change is a very formal and official disclaimer now prominently displayed on her front page.

I know that I have family who are and live in France. I also know that our national leaders do some “squirrelly” things. However, President Chirac occasionally comes out with a doozy, this latest is called “Project Quaero”. No, this is not something from the satire newsletter, the Onion, this is for real. What is being initiated with a massive governmental loan is to build “Quaero” under the direction of the new French Agency for Industrial Innovation. All this effort and money to build something with the hope that Quaero will be an effective European specific alternative to Google. Never mind that Google, now a verb, already runs in every European language and has become one of the largest companies in the world by doing what it does extremely well. I would think that rather than playing catch-up copycat it would be more beneficial to explore new territory and plant the development stake into that turf. Oh well, just my ramblings.

This evening we’ll celebrate longevity with my company, my own included. There are a number of 5-year and a number of 10-year recipients. Close to thirty people will be spending the evening in the private dining room at one of the best steak houses in the city (ask Paul K, he’ll know). This should be a great time; and since I am emceeing the event it will be a blast.

My work duties include handling the marketing and advertising. This means that I am constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to get the message out. I ran across an ad for a health insurance company, it is worth the look.

Make it a great week everyone.

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