Morning all:

This week two birthdays were celebrated, Derek’s and mine. And it is clear that when three-score years of age separate that there are major differences. Since its morning, take something as simple as breakfast. Derek’s could easily be something like Belgian waffles complete with jams and other great topping then lathered with whipped cream or clotted butter. Now take mine, it should probably consist of a wholesome bowl of Kashi ‘7 whole grain’ Pilaf that provides at least a necessary 480% of my daily fiber content. But Derek, remember this, it’s me who is enjoying this great morning cup of Colombian Supreme.

Citius, altius, fortius”, what has become of the event and been replaced by judges and medics, and media types with the modern Olympics? Any time I have walked into the room where Marcia is glued to “the events” I have only seen oceans of spandex all being carefully orchestrated under the watchful eye of Maestro Costas and his minions. And each of these minions have their stated goals: no time for us to just watch—the talk must to on, if there is no American in the contest it is not worth watching, and the viewership is comprised of dolts who must all be guided through an amateur psychoanalytic analysis of each contestant. This week I have managed to get a lot of reading done. And no, not even during the times that I did see portions of “the games” did I just sit up and scream. By the way, weren’t the Dutch 10, 000 meter speed skaters great?

Marcia is packed! The trip doesn’t start till the 14th of March, but she is so ready. All the travel has been booked, including the little flight between Tongalofa and Vava’u—no 16-hour boat ride for madam. Adrianne booked this part of the travel and has been assured that just prior to Marcia’s flight landing that a complete sweep of the runway will be made shoo’ing the stray pigs back into the bush. Adrianne has booked her into the spacious Bayview Apartments. No kidding, her little cottage is spacious and comes complete with kitchen, a little balcony, hot water, a telephone, a double bed, and a separate living room—at about US$20 per day for her whole stay. What a find!

I just have to relate what brother George told me. On Saturdays he has several ‘informational’ radio shows. One of these is out on the East coast and he connects via remote hookup. Last Saturday there was a glitch and he could not hear the East coast side. There, his partner and the host began the show interviewing a special guest, a State Senator. So, George was to sit idly by in his studio waiting for engineers to clear up the problem. Understand that George loves toys and that his studio had a new, previously unseen, toy—a console with buttons, over a hundred buttons. And what are buttons made for? Right, pushing—and that George did.

Meanwhile, in a studio on the East Coast a serious discussion is underway as a State Senator is detailing the benefits of home ownership and State incentives for first-time buyers, and in the Deep South George is beginning to push a button here and a button there. The startled on-air host started hearing strange and unexplained sound effects cutting into the signal and entering the airwaves.

Sans George, his partner, the on-site host, is conducting the interview and the State Senator is speaking (think of a voice like Senator Foghorn Leghorn): “It is the beauty and stability of America – ‘SPROINGGGG‘! – with homeownership that provides safety in neighborhoods – ‘SOUND OF HELICOPTER SWOOPING IN‘ – all made possible through our new program – ‘loud voice JA RIGHT‘ – which we – ‘DOOR SLAMMING‘ – hope to………”

For ten minutes, 80000 listeners were thus entertained before George received a very heated call during the break. Nice going guy.

Make it a great week.

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