Morning all:

Grolsch is not exactly a morning beverage, but it sure was great refreshment along with my dinner of Greek Moussaka; all enjoyed a few hours ago. I know it is just a variation on shepherd’s pie, but with its bed of eggplant it sure is good. By the way, when I am eating out why is that the patissier always checks with me to make certain that I’ve had enough?

Since I am checking out of my hotel early I thought I’d post at this time. There is also another reason, the fact that WiFi for some hotels is added to their quickly growing list of new profit centers. At $10 per 24-hour period my pre-paid sessions expire shortly. So to renew for another $10, go to sleep, and then leave, might cause people to question my sanity.

This week I enjoyed a bit of “back-to-school” and spent time on research marketing. Much of it is common sense coupled with loads of fancy terminology. My personal favorite is a structured method for pricing research, the Van Westendorp concept: can you tell my Dutch heritage at work here? Actually, the course was a great experience. The only problem with these overview sessions is that they blast by as if riding a comet (and not my old ’63 mercury Comet either), rather than float by leisurely as if riding a hot-air balloon.

For some reason whenever I am staying at a hotel I always watch more TV than I want, so this week having an array of news channels at my disposal I have been done in by the Muslim cartunacy. However, it is so nutty that even after having been exposed by about the equivalence of a non-stop month of viewing that I realize that it was all for naught and that I have nothing of value to offer on the subject. Nevertheless, I am so happy that the hotels leave those wonderful tiny little pads of writing paper complete with very skinny ball-point pens, all for me to practice drawing page after page of little turbans.

Now the TV goes off and the book gets opened. Watch, I’ll be asleep in less than a minute.

Make it a great week.

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