Morning/Evening all:

Actually, for me it’s an evening post. These weekends have me racing about a wee bit. About the time I normally post I will be driving into Indiana helping a friend launch his boat (actually a crane will be managing that bit since the boat has a cabin with berths, head, and galley). After which we’ll raise the mast, prepare the rigging, etc. If all goes well, a quick sail around the lake. I guess that a McDonald’s drive through window will get my morning coffee business.

This summer I will work the headsail on his boat as we enter a series of races held throughout the summer. I’ve sailed/raced day-sailers before (open cockpit) but this is substantially larger and heavier. Also, his boat has an array of electronics on board, including an autopilot. All of this should make inland-lake sailing fun and challenging.

Southwest airlines whisked Marcia off towards Orlando, complete with the attendant whistling a lullaby as they climbed gently into the night sky. Kirstin had sent a note the day before stating that the whole family had a bout of the 24-hour flu, complete with all of the ins and outs—take anything in and it comes right out. Happily the flu thing is finished. The even greater news is that Kirstin’s pregnancy has stabilized enough that she can proceed with only her regular checkups and no longer does she need to do the weekly visit with the specialist.

Marcia said that little Derek treated her as if shed been around all along and happily played games with her. Vince left for work and Kirstin off for a checkup, Derek, happy with his Oma, just gave a casual wave as they left.

I best not tell Marcia that for Sunday I plan to fix myself dinner which will consist of Kofte Kebabs with Cucumber Mint Sauce. My emails to her will focus mainly on my subsistence of peanut butter sandwiches washed down with some cold coffee.

With Adrianne serving in the Peace Corps in the South Pacific I thought it only right to mention that on this day in 1947 Thor Heyerdahl and five crewmates set out from Peru on the balsawood raft Kon-Tiki (named after the ancient Incan sun god Tiki). The trip was to prove that Peruvian natives could have settled Polynesia as readily as through migrations from Southeast Asia. He successfully completed the 4300 mile trip in 101 days. As an aside, in about a week, Olav Heyerdahl, the 27 year old grandson of Thor, plans to begin a reenactment of his grandfather’s legendary adventure by setting sail for Polynesia on a raft leaving from Lima’s port of El Callao.

Since I travelled around with five Norwegians for half the week I should have mentioned the Kon-Tiki expedition, if for no other reason than to stroke their national pride a bit. I forgot. Oh well.

The sixth person in my customer travel group was from Finland. Not to leave him out, here, direct from Scandinavia, is what has to be the world’s worst music video. Enjoy!

Make it a great week everyone and may it be an adventure.

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