Morning all:

After the torrential rains we had Thursday evening the humidity has finally arrived. This morning I found myself perking the coffee and bringing in the newspaper, all with beads of perspiration on my forehead. I do believe that the time has come to take the winter cover off the Air Conditioner.

Taking the cover off the AC was already on my list of items to cover today. Actually, I had a list of chores to start my Memorial Day weekend that looked fairly ambitious. That was until Marcia called stating that one of our tenants called to say that the Thursday evening storm knocked three trees over in the backyard and the back fence. Plans can change rather quickly can’t they?

This morning the first news I spotted was that due to a 6.2 point earthquake in Indonesia that their death toll had already surpassed 2500. Realizing that when a few weeks ago Adrianne in Tonga experienced an 8 point earthquake, only one individual suffered an injury in that nation—they were truly fortunate.

Marcia is still in her homemaker role in Florida, this has allowed me to jump into the role of a “Mr. Saturday Night” by tapping into some of the fine activities our town has to offer. Last week it was a thoroughly enjoyable version of Richard III; I had forgotten just how much I enjoy Shakespearian Theater. I was told that I had the honor of getting the very last ticket for a sold out show and quickly tuned into the special cadence peculiar to Elizabethan English.

So, you ask, what then are the plans for this evening? Funny you should ask. This evening I am heading to Music Hall for the final performance of Cincinnati’s May Festival Chorus for a performance of Joseph Haydn’s oratorio, The Creation.. The Creation is Haydn’s masterful retelling of the first seven days of Genesis.

The 150 voice strong May Festival Chorus is one of the real jewels of our community. The all volunteer chorus has been continuously active since 1880, making it the longest running chorus in the Western hemisphere.

Then – hooray – no cooking for me this weekend as the Taste of Cincinnati happens this weekend. Forty-five restaurants and fifteen plus bands means I have choices galore. Sorry Marcia, no oversized cream-puff for you this week.

Yesterday I found out about the passing of an aunt of mine in The Netherlands. I last met up with her about four years ago. Then, she was still riding her bicycle on a sunny afternoon outing – at the young age of 88. It brings to mind that we are quickly losing members of an amazing generation, a generation from which society today can learn much. Possibly we should pause a moment to thank, to observe and to appreciate, especially on this Memorial Day weekend.

Make it a great week everyone, value the wonder of life.


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