Morning all:
Sorry about being a bit rushed this morning. I am sitting here a tad early just so that I can get my morning coffee in. You see, some fool at work with a heavy Aussie accent, organized for us all to join him for a 07:30 hours “Tea time”. Never one to forego the prospect of crumpets and biscuits, clotted butter and a good marmalade, I agreed to show up. This is even though common sense says that this tea thing is normally an afternoon affair; hence my early coffee.

Asked what I could bring I was informed that some guy by the name of “the Golden Bear” Nicklaus had pretty well laid it out, so that “for you Pastoor, just bring a mallet or something.”

Then from there it’s off to Brookville lake for an afternoon of racing. After a week of temperatures above the 90 degree mark, high humidity, and two days of serious rain storms the weather finally broke. This should mean that for sailing we’ll have decent air and that we won’t crisp on deck.

All this Saturday activity means that I will miss an event that I knew two months ago was coming back to town—the Soap Box Derby races. I really did want to see these after a ten year hiatus.

A previous post had me rail a little about television and therefore about my TV watching habits. Let me tell you about one show that I do watch. This show, a comedy series, offers great country scenery, very clever dialogue, wonderful plot twists, a very large supporting cast, and right in line with a more senior crowd— Last Of The Summer Wine. Produced by the BBC and set in the small Yorkshire village of Holmfirth the series was shot from 1973 into 2005 making it the longest running comedy series going. One of my favorite characters, “Foggy” Dewhirst, as played by a Brian Wilde is absolutely brilliant and is the quintessential retired British military type. Do check to see whether one of your local PBS stations carries it.

The baby news from Florida is again, “no news.” The ladies, Marcia and Kirstin, took to heart a suggestion from sis-in-law Dia that they start a “Baby Pool” to help expedite the event. Well, the event has not occurred, but 32 participants in the pool are anxiously awaiting news that they are the winner.

Now I had best get moving and take Shang around the block. He’s already confused since he got fed rather early; not that he objects that very much mind you, after all, food is food, and a dog is a dog.

Make it a great week everyone; may the right wind fill your sails.


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